Why and How I Cloth Diaper

8 years ago, I began researching cloth diapering as I was expecting my first child.  This research was done using *gasp* dial-up internet, so it was a bit time-intensive.  Ultimately, I decided to try it out and am glad that I did.


I love when I can hang my diapers on the line. Sunshine is a great way to get diapers really white again.  In the background, our beautiful tree in bloom and heifers checking out the happenings on the yard.

In a way, cloth vs. disposable diapers can be compared to silverware vs. plastic forks and spoons.  I much prefer using the real stuff, but at times the plastic will just have to do.  I almost always use cloth diapers at home, but if a child is going to be in the church nursery or with a babysitter, then I pull out the disposables.  Or, as my older children call them, fake diapers.


Ava rockin’ a cloth diaper and tons of heartburn-inducing hair.

I have tried tons of different types over the years, but my favorites are Fuzzibunz.  If someone from Fuzzibunz wants to send me a check for endorsing their product, please leave a comment below:)  I use cloth wipes and a cloth diaper pail liner and wash it as one big load.  One of the most fantastic parts of cloth diapering is that I stumbled upon Charlie’s Soap as a laundry detergent.  Now, I use it for all our laundry.  It works so well on farm clothes.  Charlie’s Soap is the detergent of choice for a huge number of cloth diaper users, mostly because it rinses clean and is free of scents, dyes, enzymes, softeners, and other additives.

I know some people who have tried cloth diapering and changed their minds.  It certainly isn’t for everyone.  Both Mom and Dad have to be on board.  That being said, I have loaned out my newborn diapers to at least 10 people over the years, and quite a few have stuck with it.

When Vince was a newborn 7 years ago, the nurse at the doctor’s office saw his diaper and declared me a “brave mama”.  I am certain it was the first time she had seen a cloth diaper.  I know that nurse today as a fellow mom — I should ask her if she remembers that.  Although that was ages ago….way back in the era of dial-up internet!  I am confident that we will all see more and more cloth diapering in the future.

Lastly, thanks so much for reading!  Yesterday, I hit 5,000 views and am so honored to have so many people viewing my writing.  I really appreciate it.


18 thoughts on “Why and How I Cloth Diaper

  1. I have taught cloth diapering classes at ECFE and at our hospital to new moms. Many don’t understand how I can be so excited about something I use to catch my kids’ poop! But they work wonders and have really saved our pocketbook! Thanks for sharing the cloth diaper love!


    • It always make me laugh to go back through pictures of my babies. Ava’s hair makes her very easy to distinguish!
      The 5,000 views is neat. I do know that some of them are spam, and most people have way more views than I do, but it does give me motivation to keep going.


  2. Yay, cloth diapers! Lol, I remember one of my first parenting proclamations after finding out i was pregnant was that I would NEVER use cloth diapers. Hahaha, we made the switch right after Charlie’s first birthday. He got to the point where he refused to wear disposables (Erik calls them fake diapers too!) which was slightly annoying when we were going away for the weekend but we made it. I think it is definitely becoming more popular now, I know a bunch of people who do it. When I started, a couple of families (one of which was Mamie!) who did it. We originally switched because of night time leaks. I MAY have calculated a “break even date” too….


  3. I remember dial-up internet 🙂 We were always a little technology-challenged and had it years after everyone else had cable, satellite, or dsl. I worked at a daycare through college and I’d say you are a brave woman! Although I can see the definite benefits to using cloth (cost, environment, etc). I just started a blog if you’d like to follow along: https://injohndeeregreen.wordpress.com/


  4. We cloth diaper our daughter also 🙂 I was skeptical at first but love it now! For the first 6 months while I was exclusively nursing, it was really just another load of laundry, no pre-rinsing as I’m sure you know 🙂


    • You’re right — cloth diapering the first 6 months is a breeze, and then it gets a bit messier. It does have advantages as your child ages as well though: no streaking naked because they pulled their disposable off!!


  5. Used cloth diapers for all 4 of mine, but then again that was before the era of fake ones. Better yet, I made them
    from flannel myself. Talk about thrifty. Woudl not do it different now either.


  6. Love it! Cloth diapered my two as well. I have a great picture of the diapers on the clothes line and then a picture of my oldest sitting in the basket of cloth diapers outside. What fun! It’s always nice to hear from a fellow cloth diaper fan.


  7. Yes, I was also one of the moms, ages ago, that used cloth. The disposables 40 years ago were so poorly made that they leaked all the time. The bucket in the bathtub got a little gross smelling but putting them on the line did wonders. We didn’t even have a dryer with our first kid. Lee says he would never do it again. For our last kid, we switched.


  8. I’m not pregnant yet – but I do want to use cloth diapers. I was cloth diapered so my family supports that but my hubby was not and they think I am crazy for wanted to use cloth. I’m going to give it a try when we do have some babies! Thanks for the recommendation!


    • I really think cloth diapering is becoming more and more common. Also, it took me awhile to figure this out for myself as a mom, but I totally think it is true regarding parenting in general….sometimes you have to do what seems right to you and stand up for your own opinion. Becoming a mom has made me less of a pushover!


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