My girl’s 5th birthday!

It seems like when I was a kid, I was fortunate if mom made me a cake.  Now, kids get  more than an entire day for their birthday, they get a birthday week!  I think it is great fun and am certainly not complaining!  She was The Leader (if my daughter understood emphasis…she would definitely feel that phrase needed some capitalization!) at her preschool in the morning.  After lunch, she had a quick photo shoot outside.  Lots of snow for the middle of April!


Picked up some friends for parfaits and coloring at McDonalds.


Did a little yoga and dancing at the new Studios on 5th in downtown Worthington.  Fantastic!


Opened some presents.  I asked the moms to have their girls pick a gift from their own stash.  We all have too many toys, right?


Each birthday, we go out as a  family to the Ground Round.  My kids believe that the waiters and waitresses are fantastic singers.  The free dessert is nice, too.


The next morning, we set about making our cake.  My husband’s family was planning to come over after church on Sunday to celebrate.  She had chosen a clown-shaped pan at the library.  If you haven’t ever checked it out, our local library has a fantastic assortment of cake pans.  I really have no idea why this particular one appealed to her.


My other daughter was not to be found in the kitchen.  She was screaming and pounding on the window, begging for a chance to take part in ‘nutrient redistribution’ — that’s the snazzy term for manure hauling.


My husband couldn’t resist.  She got the ride.


For the party, I served chicken parmesan, rice, french bread, roasted broccoli, lettuce salad with homemade poppy seed dressing, watermelon and grapes.  My sister-in-law took the next couple of photos.  I laughed so hard when I saw this.  After closely analyzing this photo, I decided that the gesture wasn’t what I originally thought it was.  Those two do get along just fine.


Here’s a close-up of the finished cake.  I didn’t have any red frosting, so we used a sucker as the red nose.  The kids thought that was fantastic and it just snowballed from there.  Candy bracelets, fruit snacks, Smarties… definitely wasn’t a cake for adults.  IMG_4594

9 cousins and a 10th one on way!  So blessed to have family so close.


One last shot of our birthday girl!


Hopefully, Liv is of the age where she will be able to recall bits and piece of her party.  It is really an age of realizing how the world works and knowing that people took a lot of time to make her day special.  She is easy to love!


8 thoughts on “My girl’s 5th birthday!

  1. awesome. my girls have summer birthdays and codie’s birthday is in may. usually there is only three weeks of school in may. when Mackenzie was in nursey school I did all their birthdays in may. that was too much cake and baking for me. so now we do the girl’s half birthdays. one in dec. one in jan. and then codie’s in may. works so much better.


  2. Love it Rita!! Sounds like a birthday fit for a princess! However, I was personally fascinated with the term “nutrient redistribution”! I am going to borrow that one if its okay with you! 🙂


  3. Love that kid………and your whole family! You are such a blessing here in Worthington and at the Worthington CRC. Thanks for all you do!!!


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